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     Five generations ago, Werthan Packaging, Inc. as it is now known, opened its doors and began production in the relatively new field of packaging on a large scale.  This family owned firm established its niche in bag-making and printing of textile bags.  By 1913 the business had grown to the extent that it was able to venture forth into the manufacture of new textile bags, made of cotton fabric as well as burlap.  An opportunity arose in 1928 when Werthan Bag Company merged with Morgan and Hamilton Company located on Eighth Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee.  This merger eventually resulted in Werthan Bag Company operating an integrated process in which bales of raw cotton were received by the mill, spun into yarn, and woven into cloth or twisted into sewing thread.  Much of the cloth was then bleached in an on-site bleachery and then sent to the textile bag mill where it was printed, cut and sewn into bags.

     As years progressed it became evident that paper bags would be the package of choice for many industries and in 1952 Werthan constructed a multiwall plant on the Fifth Avenue side of the property.  Today this site is the current home for all the converting machines for the company. 

     In 1979 Werthan recognized the trend towards more sophisticated graphics and added the ultimate in gravure printing equipment for paper bags.  Since that time Werthan has added state of the art flexographic presses along with tubers/bottomers, SOS and SPS equipment to serve the pet food industry.  Today, Werthan is the only printer/converter in the multiwall industry strictly furnishing pet food packaging to its customers.

     Through its long history Werthan has produced top quality products, provided superior service, utilized state of the art technology and generated innovative ideas in order to achieve our primary goal provide the very best in packaging value!

     Call Werthan Packaging, Inc. for your one-stop shopping needs in the pet food packaging industry.