Our VISION is to be recognized as the superior supplier of multiwall paper bags.







Self Opening Square (SOS)

    The SOS bag is a consumer package that is made from tubes that are gusseted.  The bottom is glued and forms a rectangular bottom for ease of standing upright on the store shelf.  The package can be closed by sewing or roll-fold-glue.

*Palletizes well
    *Package that is cost contained
    *Length can be trimmed for products with variable density
    *Stands upright


Sift Proof Sack (SPS)

    The SPS package is the alternate package to the heat sealed SOS bag used for high fat content products.  The bag can be heat sealed where required and can be made in a 2 ply configuration that is cost effective against the standard SOS bag.

*Superior grease resistance to fats and oils
    *Cost reduction of internal kraft ply
    *No filling line modifications required
    *25% increase in bottom graphics over SOS


Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)

     The pinch bottom bag is made with a stepped end process forming either gusseted or flat tube style bags.  Hot melt adhesive is applied to both ends of the steps, closed on one end at the manufacturer’s location and after filling, is closed on the other end at the customer’s location.

*Provides a sift-proof container
    *Print over the ends of the bag for greater graphic exposure
    *Extremely strong bag
    *Allows for high-speed packing